You and Me, You and I, 2016 





Untitled (birds), 5x30"


Untitled (birds), detail





Untitled (photographer), 5x30"


Untitled (photographer), detail





Untitled (two bats), 5x30"


Untitled (two bats), detail





Untitled (caps), 5x30"


Untitled (caps), detail


Untitled (caps), detail





Untitled (podium one), 5x30"


Untitled (podium one), detail





Untitled (megaphones), 5x30"


Untitled (megaphones), detail





Untitled (listen), 5x30"


Untitled (listen)





Untitled (podium two), 5x30"


Untitled (podium two)


Untitled (podium two), detail





Untitled (hands), 5x30"


Untitled (hands), detail





Untitled (fists), 5x30" 


Untitled (fists), detail





Untitled (bats), 5x30"


Untitled (bats), detail





Untitled (hands), 5x30"


Untitled (hands), detail